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What Defines “Age Appropriate” Dressing?

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Conforming to “Age­Appropriate” fashion, for many women, seems to be the most difficult part of how to dress.

For decades, traditional fashion styles meant, the older you become, the more conservative you should dress. Thankfully, times have changed. Why should anyone be restricted by age when it comes to having fun with their wardrobe? Dressing trendy can be achieved at any age. Fashion should be about feeling confident and using your clothes to help show off your personality!

Of course, everyone has a different definition of what is “Age ­Appropriate”. Keep in mind, there are some styles that just may not work, no matter what the age. Be honest with yourself. Select items that are flattering for your body type. Always remember... Confidence is key!

There is no doubt, finding what works can sometimes be challenging. If you're not sure, let the right people help you! Start by choosing a comfortable shopping environment with knowledgeable staff. Most experienced fashion stylists will see you with an objective eye, focusing on your best assets and not what you may think are your flaws. If someone approaches to provide assistance, don’t be shy, ask for help. Be sure to know the difference from high pressure sales and true personalized attention.

At Megan’s…. we love helping all women of all ages and body types. We are truly passionate about fashion and understand the importance of women feeling empowered through the confidence they gain from how they dress. Ladies...You’ve earned it! Dress to feel good about yourself, no matter what your age!

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