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Waxing Poetic Century Insignia Charm - B, C & E

Century Insignia Charm - Available lettters B, C and E Only The Century Insignia Charm is a revival of the Square Insignia, the first charm ever created by Waxing Poetic. Reimagined with brass lettering, this sterling silver insignia collection is...

Waxing Poetic - Herald Insignia Letter - S & T Only

Waxing Poetic - Herald Insignia Letter - Available S & T Only Herald Insignia Charm - New Item Sterling silver, 1" Drop Swing by or swoop in but say... you're marvelous Be sure to include a necklace - view selections

Enchanted Night Insignia -W

Enchanted Night Insignia -W only available Brass / Resin Enchantment isn’t restricted to certain moods or materials – and certainly not limited by standard time. In fairytales, the nighttime is as rife with magic as the dawn, and sometimes,...