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Jennybird Mimi Dusters Earrings in Silver

Jennybird Mimi Dusters Earrings in Silver Strung from an ultra fine box chain, the small ring of the drop earring dances along your collarbone. sterling silver-dipped brass finish: high polish / antique cylinder backing box chain product...

Waxing Poetic Century Insignia Charm - B, C & E

Century Insignia Charm - Available lettters B, C and E Only The Century Insignia Charm is a revival of the Square Insignia, the first charm ever created by Waxing Poetic. Reimagined with brass lettering, this sterling silver insignia collection is...

Waxing Poetic - Herald Insignia Letter - S & T Only

Waxing Poetic - Herald Insignia Letter - Available S & T Only Herald Insignia Charm - New Item Sterling silver, 1" Drop Swing by or swoop in but say... you're marvelous Be sure to include a necklace - view selections

Enchanted Night Insignia -W

Enchanted Night Insignia -W only available Brass / Resin Enchantment isn’t restricted to certain moods or materials – and certainly not limited by standard time. In fairytales, the nighttime is as rife with magic as the dawn, and sometimes,...

Waxing Poetic - Fountain Stone Charms

Waxing Poetic -  Fountain Stone Charms Sterling Silver/Colored Stone Note that we call this suite of 12 tiny twinkling jewel-toned charms (each one set in a halo-bezel of sterling silver, just waiting to be hung from your favorite chain)...